At FantasyPhotography By Daphne A Beauty and  Boudoir Session can be  Life Altering Experience.

Boudoir/Glamour photographer Daphne’s goal is to create an impressive, attractive, sensual portrait that brings out your inner beauty, inspires attraction, trust, and confidence while having the greatest fun experience.    A session at Fantasy Photography is filled with satins, silks, lingerie, furs, boas and jewels and playful props to aid in creating the ultimate “Gift of Love” for your soul mate, your future soul mate or for the most important person, You.

Well-known boudoir photographer, Daphne and female staff are about creating tasteful, intimate and sensual images to achieve the ultimate boudoir experience. This is achieved by you by pampering and making you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed and ready to feel excited with this experience.  Daphne will  make you look like the cover of Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Victoria’s Secret or Shape or Sports Illustrated. magazines or any other beautiful and elegant images you choose to create for yourself.

As a portrait photographer, Daphne specializes in bringing out her subject’s inner beauty and essence, whether it is for  boudoir, glamour, sensual, elegant, fine art or portrait/headshot sessions,  Daphne first prepares herself and the studio using some of her metaphysical techniques to ensure that the client is relaxed and comfortable and ready to encounter a memorable experience.    

Daphne and her team’s goal is to link her client’s fantasies with the romantic images they will portray… runway model, vixen, sexy cover girl or artistic black and white tasteful nude study and more… Nearly all dreams are possible!  Our goal is to create the beautiful, intimate, sensual, boudoir images that will take our clients on an unforgettable journey that will stay with them forever.   

Be courageous and ready to transform yourself into the goddess you are.

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“I planned for my shoot for a very, very long time. I wanted to believe and truly FEEL that I WAS beautiful as many tell me. I’ve been through a lot of changes over the past few years some heartbreaking and some a dream come true, like the day I met Daniel Klein, my biggest supporter, my lover and my best friend. He helped me believe that I was a beautiful and compassionate woman. During my journey of self love I searched for the best of the best and I came in contact with Diane And Daphne. I met them in January and what an impression they had on me. The services that they provided was impeccable! Diane was helping me every step of the way helping me with my poses while Daphne made me feel at ease and beautiful in front of the camera!! I also had my hair and makeup done through the entire shoot!!! It was definitely MY DAY!!

   Thank you sooo much Diane and Daphne !!!!”



“I am not sure how I came to the decision to have some pictures taken for my wife but ultimately it was one of the most fun experiences of my life!

My wife and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year and I wanted to do something spontaneous and exciting for her. 

I began searching the web for fun things to do and came across Daphne and Diane’s website. 

I had never thought of boudoir pictures as I thought those were just for women but saw on their site they do these for men too, called dudeoir.

I had never done anything like that before and it seemed like a crazy, thing to do that would show my wife I still cared about her physically and that she still excites me.  So, I went for the consultation with Diane, nervous and scared thinking what the hell am I doing, this is ridiculous!  But Diane was amazing!  She didn’t make me feel stupid, in fact, just the opposite.  She said to me that many of the women they photograph wish their husbands would do something like this for them.  I left feeling excited and wondering if I could really do it.  Finally the day came for my session and both Daphne and Diane were amazing!  They were so sweet and kind to me.  I had a great time, laughing through most of it with them.  They both made me feel extremely comfortable, especially when the clothes started coming off!

I can’t wait to give this gift to my wife and am secretly hoping she will do the same for me!

Thank you Daphne and Diane for one of the most incredible experiences of my life!”

Mr. S.

Thanks for making the … experience so enjoyable and uplifting. I felt so incredible… as a result, I feel I hold my head a whole lot higher these days. I have never been more proud of who I am and how I look.” 


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