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Do I need to have a complimentary consultation for a intimate glamour photography or sensual boudoir photography session?

YES, We prefer to meet you in person to discuss your specific needs, i.e. make-up, hairstyling, skin care, nails, wardrobe and accessories, especially when planning intimate portrait, glamour, sensual and boudoir photography. You will have the opportunity to look at our albums and get ideas about poses and clothing which you might like to try.  

This way we can tailor our clothing suggestions to the look, mood or pose you want to create.  Every look is specialized to meet your needs.

Check Out this Insightful Video to See What You Can Expect When Working with Us

How do you respond to those who say “I never take a good picture”?

At Fantasy Photography by Daphne we use the same glamour photography artistry that is used to photograph top models and movie stars. These images are the result of expert portrait photography, strategically designed lighting techniques, professional makeovers,  digitally enhanced photography, and a lot of pampering from our staff. It is very rare that a person is classically photogenic, but we will make them look beautiful. It doesn’t matter how terrible a picture you think you take we promise you that Daphne and her team will create photographs for you that will make you say, “you have captured me the way I want to be remembered!”  CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT SOME BEFORE & AFTER PICTURES


Who are your typical clients?

Our clients include women of all ages, sizes and walks of life and life experiences. There are some who think and feel like a model or fitness guru, but they are the exception.  Many have issues with their bodies, actual or perceived.  Many of our client’s are looking for a unique gift for a loved one, have met a new love, had a wonderful life altering experience, rediscovered their self-esteem and or want more confidence and much more. It is our purpose to bring out everyone’s goddess, increase their self-esteem and confidence to allow them to visually see how beautiful they really are.


Will I be directed on how to pose?

Diane will stay with you from beginning of the photo session until the end.  

You will be shown all of the secrets and posing techniques to ensure that you look like a professional model.  And, after a short while you will begin to feel that level of confidence. EXAMPLE


Can a boudoir photography session be combined with other photographic needs?

YES!  During a boudoir photography session, some people go further and have a classic portrait photography session taken to have pictures for family, friends, gifts, web site or employment needs. A growing number of professional women are posing for photographs that will end up on book jackets, business cards, internet dating sites, or on desks or other social media needs. Some even bring a pet with them. Many of these sessions can combine the dramatic impact of portrait photography with glamour photography to create a stunning image that captures attention and stands out from the crowd.


Are there any men who take these pictures or work on your staff for a boudoir photography session?

NO! We have an all female staff. We have found that our clients are most comfortable with this arrangement in a boudoir photography session and in glamour photography sessions. Our goal is not just to make you look fabulous, but to make sure you are happy, comfortable and have the experience of a lifetime.


Is everyone a little nervous before the glamour photography or boudoir photography session begins?

YES. Most people are not professional models, and most people are not photogenic. We expect that you will be a bit nervous and that’s okay. We like to work with that energy. By the time your hair and make-up are done, you will be quite relaxed and excited. Daphne &  Diane have wonderful fun and relaxation techniques that they may uses during intimate glamour photography and sensual boudoir photography sessions. The average response is “Boy, I did not expect to be so relaxed and have so much fun”.


Do I bring my own clothing?

YES. During your consultation Diane will go over everything thoroughly.  She will give you suggestions about cutting carbs, ugh, just for a few days before the session (it does make a difference), skin care advice, and clothing, jewelry and accessory suggestions.  You may want to bring your loved one’s favorite outfits, something he bought for you or something that relates to his or your job, hobby or particular interest. Our studio will supplement your wardrobe with satins, silks, drapes, boas, lingerie, accessories and playful prop. EXAMPLE


During my one on one Consultation will you cover all the necessary components I will need to know for my Photography session?

YES. During your private consultation, we will explain the entire process to you and make all necessary recommendations.


Do you do nude photography?

YES, we do tasteful artistic nudes in the classic tradition of the time honored painting and sculpture techniques and they are artistically done to present the female form in an aesthetically pleasing manner. EXAMPLE 1 | EXAMPLE 2


Do you have any and unique suggestions as to where to buy sexy lingerie.

Yes, Lingerie Diva, Undercover Wear, Victoria Secret’s, La Perla, Wicked Temptations, Frederic’s of Hollywood, L’Ecole Nuit, Pink Queen, Hip and Curve (full figure), Agent Provocateur. Go on line and Google sexy lingerie.


Do you photograph men?

YES, we do. There is an increasing demand for men to do something comparable to the female boudoir photography, playfully called, “dudoir photography “. As well as updating head shots and portraits for business and social media purposes. EXAMPLE 1


If I am a little overweight, do I need to diet to my ideal size before I have my sexy intimate photography session?

Daphne uses lighting and posing techniques, flattering clothing, make up and digital enhancements (nip and tuck)  and you will be completely satisfied with the final images. All of our images include extensive retouching from head to toe.  You will have flawlessly smooth skin, no stretch marks, scars or wrinkles.  If you want to look thinner or if you are already on a diet we will make you look your ideal weight.  For a more sculptured cheek bone and jaw, you may want to stay off of salty foods and white flour breads and rice for about 4-5 days prior to your photo session.

Do you retouch the images?

Yes, all of our images are enhanced and retouched from head to toe.  We do extensive retouching, like the women you see on the cover of magazines. Your skin will look flawless. no lines, wrinkles, scars, cellulite, veins, tattoos, (if you don’t want them), stretch marks.   And, yes, we will slim you down, nip and tuck  to what ever size you want. Many clients say they want to look a certain size because they are on a diet.  These images can become a “Visual Affirmation” to help you achieve your goal.  EXAMPLE 1 | EXAMPLE 2


When can I see my images?

Plan on viewing your images the same day after you complete your photo session. You will review all of the images taken and select the ones you want to order. Yes, on the same day of the session!   We will go over our retouching/artwork suggestions as well as yours. Unlike many photography studios, Daphne believes in showing you most all of the photographs she’s taken – and saves you time, by showing them all to you right after the session – you won’t have to make another date to come in or view them “online”. Daphne and Diane will sit with you and help you decide what are the best photographs and also help you decide how to display them – do you want an album or wall display… It’s a fun and exciting experience – from beginning to the when you pick up your completed order!


How long before I receive the finished images?

Your finished images and album will be ready from between 3-4 weeks after your session.


What is the cost of a boudoir photography or other session?

The minimum cost of a photography session starts at $250.  The cost of  printed portrait images depend on the size(s) you order whether for your album or individual sizes.  All ordered images include total retouching and artwork enhancement from head to toe without additional costs. Prices start at $145 & up depending on the size print or digital image. You may order large canvas and metal photographs as well.

We do offer special packages. If you want to receive information about our specials, please call us.


Do you offer make up and hairstyling services?

Yes, our studio offers in-house services of professional make-up & hairstyling, the cost is  $85 for make up or $145 for makeup and hairstyling. You do not need to bring your own make up. You may also bring a set of false eye lashes or purchase them from the make-up artist. There is a small extra charge for applying the eyelashes. EXAMPLE


How do I schedule a consultation?

To Book you Consultation: Contact us:  or call 781-641-2100

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“I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the photo shoot and also enjoyed giving the photo album to my boyfriend. He LOVES IT! He was absolutely shocked, and was talking about it for weeks afterward. We are on opposite schedules, so even though we live together, I only see him on weekends and he loves looking at the album during the week. I am recommending you to all my friends! I was very comfortable during the shoot you guys made it really enjoyable. Thanks so much for everything.”


“This booking started out as a great idea for a unique present for the love of my life, but I think I got more out of the experience! The wonderful day was a treat that made me feel beautiful, boosted my self confidence, and instilled a smile on my face that lasted for days! And that was all until I got the pictures— now I have an album for life! I never anticipated how great this would be, and that makes it all the better. The pictures are now a treasured gift from and even happier wife.”


“I was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. I never thought I would be so relaxed. I gave these pictures as a gift to my husband on our wedding night … let’s just say they added quite a spark to the beginning of our honeymoon” 


“This portrait was created for me in when I was 11 years old. The background was painted by a Boston artist. I can even remember picking out the fruit for the table. I am so happy to have this beautiful large photograph in my home today. It brings back happy memories and one day I hope to have my own children to have you photograph. 

Anne Hart

“I am not sure how I came to the decision to have some pictures taken for my wife but ultimately it was one of the most fun experiences of my life!

My wife and I are celebrating our 25thwedding anniversary this year and I wanted to do something spontaneous and exciting for her. 

I began searching the web for fun things to do and came across Daphne and Diane’s website. 

I had never thought of boudoir pictures as I thought those were just for women but saw on their site they do these for men too, called dudeoir.

I had never done anything like that before and it seemed like a crazy, thing to do that would show my wife I still cared about her physically and that she still excites me.  So, I went for the consultation with Diane, nervous and scared thinking what the hell am I doing, this is ridiculous!  But Diane was amazing!  She didn’t make me feel stupid, in fact, just the opposite.  She said to me that many of the women they photograph wish their husbands would do something like this for them.  I left feeling excited and wondering if I could really do it.  Finally the day came for my session and both Daphne and Diane were amazing!  They were so sweet and kind to me.  I had a great time, laughing through most of it with them.  They both made me feel extremely comfortable, especially when the clothes started coming off!

I can’t wait to give this gift to my wife and am secretly hoping she will do the same for me!

Thank you Daphne and Diane for one of the most incredible experiences of my life!”


“I planned for my shoot for a very, very long time. I wanted to believe and truly FEEL that I WAS beautiful as many tell me. I’ve been through a lot of changes over the past few years some heartbreaking and some a dream come true, like the day I met Daniel Klein, my biggest supporter, my lover and my best friend. He helped me believe that I was a beautiful and compassionate woman. During my journey of self love I searched for the best of the best and I came in contact with Diane And Daphne. I met them in January and what an impression they had on me. The services that they provided was impeccable! Diane was helping me every step of the way helping me with my poses while Daphne made me feel at ease and beautiful in front of the camera!! I also had my hair and makeup done through the entire shoot!!! It was definitely MY DAY!!

   Thank you sooo much Diane and Daphne !!!!



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